Instructions On How To Grow Oneself A Pair Of Wings

by Sean Lehe and The Family Practice

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This recording is dedicated to Basilio and Bennet Sheckells, Kathi Canfield and family, and anyone who ever fell in love with Chanell Denise Canfield.

"Peace In The Valley" was a song that she would sing when she was missing her Dad, she would sing it sweet and low, and it was so very beautiful to hear. It's recorded here by my dear friend and slide-guitar virtuoso, Peter Grant. One of these songs was written in the very beggining of 2015, a little "sing-a-long" ditty that I called "Flipping Switch". She would sing it with me and boogie all throughout the house while I was working on it. It was recorded this summer with the help of my friends and co-workers in Jelly Bread. "Little Wing" was recorded live at a performance at the Sweetwater Music Hall, also in the early part of 2015. Others songs like "Angel Of Mercy", "Beyond Desire" and "Catch And Release" were written and recorded very shortly after Chanell passed.

Two songs on this recording are examples of what happens when a band in the studio quickly develops a "found" piece of music. "The Feeling of Her" is the first studio recording by the band Izabella in over 6 years, and "The JellyShip" is a funky number pulled together "at the last minute", by Jelly Bread. They are included here because she would have loved them, and finding all things to be "new" was one of my favorite things about her. She constantly amazed me with her ability to improvise. "Wires And Brushstrokes" is a composition by another good friend, Andrew Ferren. As this project was taking shape, I sent him this picture of the painting from above, one that Chanell was still working on, and asked him to create a piece of music with that painting in mind. This piece moves me whenever I hear it, and I am grateful for it.

***Hidden Track Spoiler***

Finally, the recording of "Unchained Melody" was recorded on my iPhone on the 3rd floor of an old Brownstone in Brooklyn while out on the road in the winter of 2014. A "sonic love-letter", I never intended for anyone else's ears to hear this one. I have absolutely no business singing "Unchained Melody", but she certainly brought it out of me.

I am so grateful to my friends and fellow artists, these guys rallied around me in a time of great need and confusion. Music never ceases to amaze me with it's power to heal.

Thank you all so very much,
Sean Gandalf Lehe



released January 13, 2017

SEAN LEHE....guitar and lead vocals
JOHN MORALES....drums and vocals
JEFF COLEMAN....rhodes and piano
SAM PHELPS....bass guitar
JORDAN FIENSTIEN....piano and organ
DAVE BERRY....guitar and vocals
CLIFF PORTER....drums and vocals, lead vocal on "Beyond Desire"
ERRICK LEWIS....bass guitar
ERIC MATLOCK....organ, rhodes, synth
CHARLIE WILSON....trombone and vocals
ANDREW FERREN....saxophone
ANDRE FYLLING....keyboards, synths
BRIAN ROGERS....bass guitar and percussion

This album was recorded at Sonic Zen Studios over the summer of 2016 by Charlie Wilson. Additional engineering and mixing on "Little Wing" by Rich Tereshinski

"Peace In The Valley" by Tommy Dorsey
"Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix
"The JellyShip" by Jelly Bread
"Beyond Desire" by S. Lehe/E. Lewis
"Wires And Brushstrokes" by Andrew Ferren

All other songs written by S. Lehe



all rights reserved


Sean Lehe and The Family Practice California

California based guitarist for West Coast festival favorites, Jelly Bread, and formerly with Poor Man's Whiskey and Izabella.

With heavy doses of guitar hero influences like Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia and Trey Anastasio, Lehe weaves his many influences into yet another tapestry of Neo-American psychedelia and groove music. Not breaking any molds here, just filling them nicely.
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